Field Day 2015

Doesn’t matter how you participate, as long as you get out someplace and play radio.  We hope to have club representatives at both the South Seattle College site working with PSRG and Seattle ACS  as well as the “Relaxed Fit” group down in the area of Browns Point.  The group needs a liaison to PSRG and ACS for Field Day. For more info on the Browns Point operation contact Ken, AB7X at (206) 933-0459

Seattle ACS Spring Drill

Interesting variation on our drills – this will be in the evening.  So, no need to get up at dawn to setup for this practice emergency communication.  We need help with this drill and staffing and training a strong team for Southwest Seattle. Contact Curt at

Monthly Club Breakfast

Our monthly get together for breakfast is every 3rd Sunday at 9:30am.  Our breakfast location has moved.  Effective April 2015, our new location is at Young’s Restaurant in the Westwood area 1/2 block east of Roxbury on 16th Ave SW on the West side of the street.

Young’s Restaurant
9413 16th Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98106

Seattle Auxiliary Communications Service (ACS) training

Seattle Auxiliary Communications Service (ACS) training at South Seattle College in West Seattle .  8:30am  Olympic Hall 101.  Seattle is working to create a disaster resistant community.  Be part of that by working with ACS – particular help is needed in South West Seattle. This training is focused on digital messaging, but would be a fine opportunity to meet the ACS team and get connected. Contact Curt at for more info.

2015 Annual Meeting and Elections

Our 2015 annual meeting took place February 15th, 2015. While the annual meetings are normally held in January, due to the Seattle Seahawks successful playoff run, circumstances and timing delayed our meeting.

We would like to announce the new board changes after the elections held:

  • President – Ken Iverson, AB7X
  • Vice-President – Curt Black, WR5J
  • Treasurer – Dave Hillier, AF7CW
  • Board Position 1 – Kayla Ware, KG7PJW
  • Board Position 3 – Jim Edwards, WS7JIM


We thank the following outgoing board members for their dedication and service to the club this past term:

  • Outgoing President – Tammy Zoch, WA7TZ
  • Outgoing Treasurer – Chris Yody, KE7JBF
  • Outgoing Board Position 1 – Jonathan Scherch, KK7PW
  • Outgoing Board Position 3 – Frank McJunkins, K7RSD


As a reminder, our board meetings are open to all members of the club. We are always looking for members who would like to help contribute with different committees and tasks along with giving input to the direction of our club.

Annual WS ARC Meeting


The annual meeting of the West Seattle Amateur Radio Club will take place on Sunday, January 18, 2015  a Sunday in February, due to the Seattle Seahawks making the NFC Championships and Seattle as the host city. We plan to host our usual Sunday breakfast at the Heartland Cafe but will adjourn to Antioch University for the actual meeting. The schedule and tentative agenda is as follows:

12:00 Noon – Meeting will convene with opening comments.
12:30PM – Presentation from Bob Heil of Heil Sound.
Mr. Heil’s presentation will be done remotely using ‘Skype’ and will be displayed on the large monitors at Antioch University.
2:00PM (or upon completion of Mr. Heil’s presentation) –
Annual meeting will continue and will include the election of the club President, Treasurer and Board Positions #1 and #3. Other business and
discussions will follow.

Reminder – To vote, you must have renewed / paid your dues by Saturday, January 17.

Antioch University is located in the Belltown district of Seattle at 2326 Sixth Avenue between Bell and Battery Street.

The presentation should be spectacular.