Washington Salmon Run

This is the Washington State QSO Party - sponsored by the Western Washington DX Club – This premier operating event has become a fixture on the annual amateur radio calendar. Last year WWDXC had over 250 logs sent in from around the world and across Washington state. Activity has been up almost every year. Every year
some county is acknowledged as the “rarest”, but it seems to be a different county each year confounding those seeking the elusive “clean sweep” of all 39 counties. Maybe this is the year your expedition or mobile activity will provide the key to a clean sweep for Salmon Run participants!

Puget Sound APRS Summer Gathering

The Summer Gathering will be held in North Bend at Valley Camp the weekend of September 6,7 and 8 just after Labor Day. The Summer Gathering is one of the premier ham radio events in the NW. The weather is usually the best of the year.

You can stay in dorms, camp or RV spaces are available. Great ideas and tremendous minds will assemble to learn, teach and share. The Summer Gathering focus continues to be APRS (the Automatic Packet/Position Reporting System). At the same time, we will be discussing moving APRS data across an ever increasing variety of networks, software and amazing, powerful, tiny platforms now available to us. For more info see: http://www.nwaprs.info/ or just call Curt, WR5J at 206 755-4541c

Field Day 2014

Friday-Sunday, June 27-29 – FIELD DAY 2014 – Join Seattle ACS and PSRG at South Seattle Community College -“Every Ham, Every June – Field Day” http://www.arrl.org/field-day Doesn’t
matter how you participate, as long as you get out someplace and play radio.

Oso Disaster Communication Perspective

At this month’s Communications meeting, Scott Honaker, N7SS, Radio Officer for Snohomish County ACS, and who works in the County’s Department of Emergency Management EOC, will present his perspective and share his experience through some of the most critical times during the OSO landslide disaster. This tragedy has brought out the best in people, and at the same time, many lessons are being learned, giving us a rare and valuable opportunity to hear firsthand about what problems had to be overcome and what prior preparations proved invaluable. We invite all members and guests to join us for an evening of insightful  give-and-take conversation with a highly respected communicator. The meeting is on Wednesday, April 9, at 6:00 PM at the Red Cross Chapter in Seattle. Our address is 1900 25th Ave. South.
All guests are welcome and encouraged to join us!
Bruce Swee, K7SWE bruce@bjsnorthwest.com
Comm Team Lead

Snohomish Slide Update 3/25/2014

The following update is from John Rader of the State RACES.
“Snohomish ACS is active but at a fairly low level.  Because of the danger, only fire and SAR are on scene and only during the day.  In fact, they just noticed some movement of the remaining hillside this morning and even SAR was recalled from the debris field.  The 800MHz system is being used by fire and law enforcement.  SAR and air operations are primarily using their VHF (155.415) system.  We have been coordinating on our Granite Falls (146.92) repeater and our 800 MHz talk group.  ESCA RACES is active staffing the Red Cross Shelters and they are using our UHF ham repeater near Arlington (444.200).  We have been hearing good comms between the shelters.
Snohomish ACS is staffing the EOC around the clock in Everett and we have one member who lives in Darrington supporting the county command vehicle there.  With the loss of phone lines to Darrington, there are no functional land lines or Internet access.  Darrington PD and fire are using the command vehicle as an EOC because it has working phones, Internet and CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch), unlike their offices.  The Incident Management Team in Arlington are using the other command vehicle to provide communications support for the staff in the city council chambers.  It’s currently staffed with dispatchers from our local PSAPs.
We have had more offers of support from our members and people outside the area than we can use at this time and appreciate the support!  It is good to see the community rally during these types of events.”

WSARC Technician and General Classes

Save the Dates! Spread the Word!

In partnership with Antioch University Seattle, the West Seattle Amateur Radio Club (WSARC) will be offering two free courses in May, 2014, for earning Technician-Class and General-Class amateur radio licenses.

These courses provide excellent opportunities (regardless of experience) to learn about and begin to use:
· Tools and techniques of designing and using your own station;
· Radio electronics and related appropriate technologies;
· Public service and emergency preparedness activities;
· Multi-mode communications with others around your community, region and the world;
· Information on clubs, on-air events, contests, field events, conferences, workshops, and more!

With the support of licensed, experienced amateur radio operators, the courses provide a practical, fun and collaborative approach to preparing for (and passing) your license exams.

Each course will be delivered over one of two weekends in May:
· Technician-Class course will occur on the weekend of May 2-4;
· General-Class course will occur on the weekend of May 23-25.

Each weekend will include sessions held on Friday night (6:00-9:00pm), all-day Saturday (9:00-5:00pm), and all-day Sunday (9:00-5:00pm), with an exam session occurring on Sunday afternoon. So, you can earn your license within a single weekend!

The courses will be held on the campus of Antioch University Seattle, in Room 100. Follow this link for directions to campus.

Your teaching team for both courses will be:
· Tammy Zoch, WA7TZ (Board President, WSARC);
· Ken Iverson, AB7X (Board Vice-President, WSARC);
· Tom Saunders, N7OEP, (Board Member and Technical Advisor, WSARC);
· Jonathan Scherch, KK7PW (Board Member, WSARC & Dean, BA Degree Completion Program at Antioch University Seattle).

Due to the popularity of these courses, they tend to fill fast —

To register, contact Tammy, WA7TZ via email at wa7tz@westseattlearc.org

We hope to see you in class — and eventually, on the air!

Call for HAMS for Seahawk Parade

Seafair is producing the Seahawks Super Bowl Victory Parade in downtown Seattle on Wednesday, February 5, 2014.   Seafair EMG will be activated for emergency management support for this event.  We are in need of volunteers for staffing the following positions:  EOC staffing; Safety and Risk Management, LNO, Logistics, Crowd Observers, and Communications.  The EMG operational period for this event is 0700-1600L on 02/05/2014.

Please consider volunteering as part of the  emergency management team for this historic celebration.

If would like to volunteer please contact LSC Josh Gana at josh.gana@gmail.com.

2014 Annual Meeting

Our annual meeting was held January 19th, 2014 at the Heartland Cafe. During our meeting, we had a wonderful presentation from Adeline Hillier, one of our youth members, who presented a project that she captured the state science fair during her 6th grade based on radio waves and electrical energy.

Three positions for the WSARC board were up for election for two year terms. The membership voted to reelect the following:

  • Vice-President: Ken Iverson, AB7X
  • Secretary: Lance Rasmussen, K7LER
  • Board Position 2: Tom Saunders, N7OEP