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The WSARC is organized for charitable, educational and scientific purposes:

  • To provide volunteer amateur radio communication services to government agencies and the general public in times of emergency.
  • To provide community, state and nation with volunteer amateur radio communication services in support of charitable agencies.
  • To promote amateur radio related educational programs at schools an universities.
  • To promote programs that develop and improve the skills of licensed amateur radio operators.
  • To promote the development of new technology and scientific discoveries by supporting and encouraging research and technological innovation in the application of amateur radio.

WSARC is a tax-exempt 501(3)(c) organization effective January 2013 and as such, charitable monetary and equipment donations are tax deductable.

West Seattle Amateur Radio Club

Fax & Voicemail: (206) 203-2686

Email: [email protected]

ARRL Special Service Club


WSARC is an ARRL Special Service Club